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Mobile tips

Manage your contacts

The easiest way to structure and sync your contacts wihtout any worries is to use Gmail or

Prepare now for the day you lose your phone

Some claim that Americans lose their phones once a year. Seems scary but if you take some simple steps, at least your information will be safe...

You dropped your phone in water?

Not all is lost. Take it out, open the battery cover and take out the battery. Take a breath. Wipe everything dry...

Make your commute more enjoyable

Stuck in a car for hours every day and not finding good radio stations? Choose your own content to listen to...

Internet tips

Manage your passwords

As your life becomes more digital, is your online information protected by 'monkey123'?...

Recognize internet scams and avoid viruses

Take a look at your junk email. You will see lots of harmless spam. But there are also a few messages that aim to coax money from you or harm your computer...

Find what you need when searching in Google

Even Google's popular search engine can easily waste you a couple of hours without finding what you actually need. Here are some simple and powerful tips for focusing your search...

Move to the cloud and live in heaven :)

Do you still write and save documents on your computer? Move some of them online for easy access from all you devices and for productive collaboration with others...

Computer tips

Our most important advice:
set up backup now

Computers can be painlully frustrating. But they can also do a fun trick. If you make a mistake or disaster strikes, you can restore everything back to normal...

Open Old Onenote Notebooks

This tip started from a real user so we decided to put it on the front page. It is easy to open your old Onenote notebooks in case you don't see them in your current installation...

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Why howtouseit?

Technology is suposed to make our lives better but it's often frustrating to use. We want to make it useful and fun for as many people as possible. We do it by providing only advice that has been proven in practice multiple times by other humans. And we want to deliver it personally. So, ask us a question.

Why free?

Some time in the future we might start charging a small fee for our advice. Before we do this, we want to make sure that it makes you happy. So for now, we just get a kick out of helping and hopefully getting in return feedback on how to improve this service.


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